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Why Choose A Beverage Catering Service?

When planning a special event, whether it be a wedding or cocktail party at your home, planning the bar can be a tricky situation.  How much do you buy, what drinks should you serve, who is going to make the drinks?   Hiring a professional beverage catering service can help to take the worry and stress out of the bar planning.

Beverage Specialists wants to help you

  •  The number one reason you should hire a professional service is for LIABILITY! Anyone can say they can tend bar!  Beverage Specialists properly insures and trains their bartenders and staff to protect its clients from any potential situation.  Our bartenders are trained to look for guests who have had too much to drink, and not serve them more drinks.
  • Years of experience. Our staff have had years of experience in the food and beverage industry, they are professionally dressed and know how to make a drink properly.
  • Stress Reliever! When you hire a professional beverage caterer such as Beverage Specialists our staff will make sure you have everything you need for your bar – it’s your party you should enjoy it!  Let us do the running and stocking while you socialize with your guests!  No need to worry about how much ice, or bottles of vodka you will need.  Our staffs expertise and experience will plan and estimate how much of everything is needed.
  • Setting it all up. The staff at Beverage Specialists will provide all the behind the scenes details.  From the minute you contact us to provide beverage catering for your event till we pack it up when the bar closes we are working to bring you the best quality service.  Our staff will deliver your product, set-up the bar, serve your guests and clean it up when it is over!  When the party is over you will never even know there was a bar there – our delivery staff arrives as the bar is closing to pick up our supplies, empty bottles and cans and we’ll even take out the trash!
  • We want you to have it just how you like it! Beverage Specialists will work with you to customize your bar.  Whether you want signature drinks, beer and wine only, or a specialty bar we will work with you to design your bar exactly how you want it.  While we do have standard packages available our most popular package is the one you design for yourself!  Does grandma drink a particular wine?  Or you have a family drink that everyone toasts with at special events?  We will provide everything you need to keep your guests happy!

In the end, when the party is over we want you to be happy and your guests to be talking about what a great time your party was.  Whether it’s a wedding, a fundraiser, birthday or corporate event Beverage Specialists can work with you to throw a great party!